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Books for Sale
The Ditmas History of Benson
by Edith Ditmas

Benson resident Miss Edith Ditmas completed her comprehensive and scholarly History of Benson in 1983 but it was never published. All her original text and diagrams are included with, additionally, a number of historic photos and two important Appendices: a wide-ranging review of below ground archaeology by County Archaeologist Paul Smith, and a splendid set of historic maps of Benson selected and introduced by expert John Leighfield - some in full colour.

War Memorial and Graves Book of Remembrance
by William Burtt & Alastair Jack

The deeply moving stories of the people behind the names on the War Memorial and the War Graves, arranged chronologically and indexed alphabetically.

Benson: A Century of Change 1900-2000
by Janet Burtt and Peter Clarke

A profusely illustrated picture of family and business life in the village and the huge social and physical changes of the century. The authors are both local people.

Benson: A Village Through its History
edited by Kate Tiller

This scholarly book is the most comprehensive history of Benson ever published. It examines the landscape, the buildings and, above all, the people who have shaped the character of the village for more than a millennium.

  • Visitors to Benson are able to purchase these books from either the village library or from Derry's Den in the High Street

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